What types of ads are used on Instagram?

Instagram ads are published through ad campaigns created through platforms such as Facebook Ads Manager or Facebook Business Suite. Here are some of the ad formats available on Instagram:

Photo Ads: Ads created using a single image or image. Users see ad copy along with photos in their Instagram feed.

Video Ads: Ads supported by videos. Users see ads while watching video content in their Instagram feed or Stories.

Carousel Ads: Ads in slide format that contain more than one image or video. Users can view multiple contents by swiping.

Stories Ads: These are full-screen ads that run through Instagram Stories. Users may see these ads while watching Stories.

Reels Ads: These are ads displayed on Instagram’s short video platform, Reels. Users see ads while watching Reels videos.

Instagram ads allow you to deliver customized content to your target audience, promote your brand, and interact with users. You can also use analytics and reporting tools to monitor and optimize the performance of your ads.

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