“Spotify is facing a new competitor called TikTok Music!”

The developer of popular social media platform TikTok, Bytedance, has announced the launch of TikTok Music, initially in Brazil and Indonesia. Although it is not yet confirmed which other countries it will be available in, considering the number of TikTok users in Turkey, it is likely to be introduced there as well. TikTok Music is positioned as a competitor to applications like Spotify and YouTube Music, and it claims to offer the ability to organize music within TikTok and listen to songs simultaneously with friends.

Additionally, they mentioned that TikTok Music will incorporate a music recognition system similar to Shazam, allowing offline listening as well.

As for subscription prices, it will be priced at $3.49 in Brazil and $3.25 in Indonesia. The company stated that there won’t be a free usage option but subscribers will receive a one-month free trial period.

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