What is design?

Design is the design of a product, system, service or mechanism in an aesthetically and functionally pleasing, useful and effective way. The design can be used in many different areas and can be made for various purposes. For example, the design of a product can affect its appearance and use. Also, the design of a system can affect its functionality and efficiency. The design is usually made with the aim of appealing to a target audience and is made with that target audience in mind.


The design is usually done by a designer. While designing a product, system or service, this designer thinks about its appearance, use and functionality and considers them together. Design also requires the use of many different disciplines. For example, engineering, aesthetics, psychology and other disciplines can be used during the design of a product.


Design is the process that determines the appearance, function and use of a product or service. The design can be used in many different areas and can be applied for various purposes. For example, a furniture design determines the appearance and functions of the furniture, while a website design determines the use of the website and the organization of its contents.


Design is usually done with the aim of achieving a goal. For example, while designing a furniture, it is aimed to facilitate the use of furniture and to provide an aesthetic appearance. Similarly, while designing a website, it is aimed to facilitate the use of the website and to attract the attention of the target audience.


The design process is usually led by a designer, during which the designer sets goals, generates various ideas and selects the most appropriate one. The design process usually consists of creating a prototype, testing and tweaking. In this way, it is tested whether the design can achieve its goals and corrections are made if necessary.


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