How to Improve the Infrastructure of Your Technical SEO Websites?

Technical SEO improves the infrastructure of your website, allowing search engines to better understand and index your site. Here are some steps to improve your website infrastructure:

Optimize Site Speed: A fast website improves user experience and positively affects search engine rankings. Use a good hosting provider, optimize images, remove unnecessary plugins and use caching.

Set URL Structure Properly: It is important that URLs are logical, understandable and optimized for search engines. Including keywords in the URL and removing unnecessary parameters will improve your URL structure.

Create an XML Sitemap: An XML sitemap tells search engines which pages of your website they should index. By creating an XML sitemap, you can help search engines to crawl your website better.

Set the Robots.txt File: The robots.txt file tells search engines which pages to allow crawling and which pages to block. By editing this file, you can enable search engines to crawl your website more effectively.

Ensure Mobile Compatibility: A mobile-friendly website both increases the user experience and is a factor evaluated by search engines. Use responsive design and optimize mobile speed.

Improve Error Pages: Error pages (404 pages) are pages that users see when they navigate to an incorrect or invalid URL. By customizing these pages, you can guide users correctly and minimize the number of errors.

Optimize Internal Links: Optimizing the internal link structure on your website builds links between your pages, improving user experience and getting you better crawled by search engines. Create keyword-driven internal links and point them to relevant content.

Add Data Structure: Data structure allows your website to better understand its content and display rich snippets in search results. You can add the data structure using

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