What should be considered when adding product photos to e-commerce sites?

Here are some important points to consider when adding product photos to e-commerce sites:

Correct Lighting: Correct lighting is essential for product photos to appear quality and clear. It is important that the lighting is sufficient, the shadows are minimal and the true colors of the product are accurately reflected.
Background: The background should be plain and monochromatic to ensure that the product stands out. In this way, the details of the product will appear more clearly.
Perspective: It is important to find the best angle of the product. Taking photos from multiple angles will better reflect the actual size and details of the product to customers.
Quality: High-quality photos create the perception that the product is of high quality. It should be noted that customers attach great importance to product photos when making a purchase decision.
Details: Close-up photos of the important details of the product should be taken and customers should be able to see all the features of the product.
Multiple Product Photos: It is important to take multiple photos so that customers can learn more about the product. Showing the product from different angles and with its details will help customers decide.
Edit: Processes such as editing, sharpening, resizing and removing the background of the photos make the product look more professional.
Standards: Product photos must match other visual elements on the website. The same framing, background, lighting and perspective should be used.

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